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Worksite Wellness and Workshops


We are all well aware that a sedentary and high stress lifestyle contributes to increasing incidence of chronic disease.  It also increases health care costs for everyone involved while decreasing productivity and morale. 


Whether it be in the workplace or co-learning space, I can help your colleagues, team, class, take meaningful steps towards health and wellness through the services below:


LUNCH & LEARN: These one hour interactive nutrition talks are an easy, low maintenance way to engage your group.  I have presented dozens of Lunch & Learns to fortune 500 companies, startups, non profits including the American Heart Association, building communities, and health clubs.  I can provide you with a list of popular topics or tailor a talk to your specific needs. 


PANTRY MAKEOVER: Do you offer free snacks or meals to your employees?  Do you receive tons of donated food products that tempt and frustrate your employees?  I will work with your office to organize your pantry or common area in a way that emphasizes health and wellness.


ON CALL NUTRITION: I will come to your office and provide in house nutrition counseling to your employees, residents, students, etc.  This offering eliminates many of the major obstacles to accessing safe and ethical nutrition counseling.  Now your team can get the help they need.



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